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           Ekol Emprime, which has the ability to print in-house, offers a wide range of products to its customers in its workshop with a daily printing capacity of 20000 pieces.


           High quality printing chemicals in accordance with international standards have passed all kinds of standard quality tests. Experienced and qualified technical team has the experience to meet customer demands at the highest level in printing color selection and application.

            Quality, fast and trouble-free production is carried out with the most modern technological conditions by using the latest system machines in the printing workshops.



6 octopus printing machines 

- 1 MHM 4000 10 color panel

- 1 x MHM 3000 12+4 head

- 1 x Servolevent 14 colors

- 1 MHM 2000 6 color panel

- 1 MHM 4000 6 colors



  • Pigment Screen printing

  • Water-based screen printing

  • Plastic screen printing

  • Discharge (reactive) screen printing

  • Burnout screen printing

  • fFock printing

  • Foil + gilding screen printing

  • High Density screen printing

  • Glitter screen printing

  • Embossing screen printing

  • Reflector screen printing

  • Transfer printing

  • Phosphor (glow-in-the-dark) screen printing

  • Fluorescent screen printing

  • CMYK photo screen printing

  • Cracking print

  • Caviar bead print

  • Stone & Metal bonding

  • Frequency printing

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